14 May, 2021 - 23:16 PM
IT sector has become an inseparable part of telecommunications industry. To stay on top of the competition, telecommunication companies use the latest technologies to improve the quality of delivered services. Deltasoft Mobile helps telecom companies to achieve this goal by providing such services as development of telecom software solutions, testing, support and maintenance of the developed telecom software solutions.
Our telecom software development covers such areas as:
Development of OSS (Operating Support System) to help telecommunication companies effectively manage and monitor infrastructure, performance, quality of services and so on in such fields as:
  • Network resource inventory
  • Fault management
  • Performance management
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Order management
Development of BSS (Business Support System) to help our customers offer higher quality services to end-users: 
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Billing
  • Service Desk
Development of customized VAS software (Value Added Services). For content providers we are glad to offer customization of VAS (Value Added Services) to let you concentrate on what you do best – generate the content, while we develop customized mobile software applications which will be optimal solutions to sell your content to end-users. Our offerings include:
  • VoIP apps development. Deltasoft Mobile has extensive experience in development of complete and reliable solutions for IP telephony, video telephony, conferencing, contact list management, multimedia sharing, push-to-video, messaging (IM, SMS&MMS) with innovative, rich, intuitive user interface and the ability to integrate into numerous web browsers, mail clients and work on various desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Development of Android IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) stack solutions (created on top of JSR 281 and JSR 325, SIP (RFC 3261) and their extensions; other protocols such as MSRP, OMA XDMC, OMA SIMPLE, XCAP, IPSec, .IMPS, SDP, RTP, SIGCOMP implemented from scratch or integrated as 3rd party solutions).
  • GBA (Generic Bootstrapping Architecture) for Android.
  • IPTV apps development.
  • CCTV solutions development (digital surveillance, video tracking, face recognition, digital ads replacement systems).
  • Mobile banking solutions.
  • Mobile advertising solutions.
  • Mobile games development.
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