20 April, 2021 - 00:54 AM
Windows Mobile and Windows CE based operating systems provide rich functionality for PDA & handheld devices, which mainly target the corporate services business domain. Now Windows Mobile OS is installed on about 12% of Smartphone devices sold all over the world.

Today Windows Mobile solutions can be implemented using 2 powerful approaches such as native development and managed development using .NET Compact Framework. Each of these approaches has specific advantages and drawbacks. For example, native code has higher performance, full API access and possibility of cross-platform code usage, while managed code allows rapid development and serves as a great solution for data management and synchronization (MS SQL databases support). Deltasoft certified technical specialists carefully review individual requirements for each project in order to provide the most suitable development options for each particular case.

We have successfully delivered a number of Windows Mobile / Windows CE solutions targeting different business segments. Deltasoft possesses huge development experience and know-hows, which we apply in new projects.

We possess extensive experience in the following areas:
  • VoIP & IM communications (chat, voice communications);
  • Access mobile terminals & electronic tickets management software;
  • Data management, storage & synchronization;
  • Network secured protocols & connections;
  • Skin support for UI applications & customized UI effects;
  • Personal information management (contacts, messages & etc.);
  • Real-time camera data filtering & analysis.

Our solutions can be either device specific or support a wide range of devices with different screen resolutions & DPI. We are also experienced in maintaining of cross-platform code-base & porting C/C++ sources to Windows Mobile platform.