20 April, 2021 - 00:02 AM
The major difference between Linux and other operating systems is that it is free and open source, thus it is being positioned as a low-cost, license-free solution for commercial Smartphones. The potential of Linux OS has significantly grown after the formation of LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation by six members, whose goal was to establish “a globally competitive, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices”.

Nowadays, the foundation consists of 50 members and includes over 50 handsets from vendors supporting LiMo platform technology, while other global mobile operators commit to widely deploy LiMo handsets in the near future. The prospects are bright.

The benefits of Linux platform are numerous. The OS does not require many resources, royalties or licensing fees. It encompasses a stable kernel, a support base that is not restricted to the employees of a single software company, and the ability to modify and redistribute source codes. However, there are also drawbacks which need to be kept in mind while designing the solution for Linux OS.

At Deltasoft Mobile we know the specifics of Linux OS and willingly pass our experience to our customers. We have successfully finished a number of embedded Linux solutions. Most of the solutions have been cross-platform products for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Brew. Our special expertise lies in Maemo platform from Nokia.

Our experience has made us experts in the following areas:
  • Data management, storage & synchronization;
  • Fast and memory-effective algorithms, storage for effective data keeping;
  • Network secured protocols & connections;
  • Skinnable applications and QT user interface.

Please contact us if you are interested in product development for Linux OS.