20 April, 2021 - 00:20 AM
Android is one of the newly released mobile platforms. It is free, open source and fully customizable. Since it was announced by Google in 2007 and was officially released in 2008, it has become increasingly popular and already gained a market share of around 1% in less then 1 year time period.

Android OS offers a full set of software for mobile devices such as operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications and is considered to be the next generation of mobile platform due to speed and lightness of mobile devices software and power of desktop PCs. Seeing the great capabilities of the new platform, all major phone development companies announced the release of new devices on this platform.

At Deltasoft, where our team keeps up on the edge of new and emerging technologies and platforms, we have already gained experience and successfully developed a number of applications on Android platform. Our experience encompasses the following areas and continues to grow:
  • Custom user interface;
  • Background services;
  • Internal database;
  • Widgets.

Please see below the examples of applications completed by Deltasoft Mobile for Android Platform: