14 May, 2021 - 23:05 PM
Profound testing is a fundamental part of a successful product. Deltasoft software testing team specializes in testing on existing mobile handsets and prototypes. We offer our customers mobile application testing as a part of application development or as an independent service.

We offer two ways of functional testing of mobile applications: using software device emulators for standardized line of devices and using set of devices to check handset specific behavior. The latter way of testing is more reliable and ensures better quality mobile solutions.

Our testing lab contains over 60 mobile devices. Thus, we can test your product on a wide range of actual handsets and ensure that your product works effectively on most demanded platforms and handsets models.

Our software testing team will also prepare your application for Symbian™ Signed, Java Verified™ and Microsoft® Mobile2Market Applications testing programs to bring your application to the market much more rapidly and with less complications and lower costs.

Please contact us to find out more about testing your application.