20 April, 2021 - 01:27 AM
Deltasoft Mobile provides expert guidance and advice on mobile solutions across different platforms. Customers often turn to us to create demo applications, research the application devices compatibility and scalability, improve features or usability of their current application. Thus, years of experience in mobile development enabled us to offer various consulting services to our customers, including proof of concept, feasibility studies, requirements analysis, review of code and design.

More details on what our mobile consultants can do for you:
  • Feasibility Studies – analyze and assess the viability of new product, assess devices compatibility of the product and suggest suitable platforms for implementation;
  • Proof-of-Concept – create simple product prototype to ensure that the product features can be implemented. It can also be a great start to show your business concept to investors/customers/business partners;
  • Technical and Functional Design - capture your requirements and create a blueprint for development team;
  • Requirements Analysis (free)– analyze and assess the customer requirements and efforts required for Deltasoft to bring your product to the market;
  • Design and Code Review – assess and provide independent opinion on the current solution progress/code/architecture;
  • System Architecture – design flexible and scalable product architecture.

With Deltasoft Mobile consulting services many companies were able to improve their current product, find investors and receive valuable market insight.

Please contact us to find out how our consultants can help you.